Transforming ideas into objects of reality

When an idea is imprinted in our minds, it is imperative that we see that idea come to life.

Driven by desire to see your ideas, projects and apps come to life

In this quest we ponder about future technologies, societies, and the human condition in general, all in favor of finding the best way we can imprint our self into the world and the world onto our self.

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If you live your passion and want to work with like minded team let us know. We know that 9-5 is a thing of the past, and the whole planet is your workplace. We value results, not the clock.

Who is the
Sintezis team

team image Domagoj Bagaric
team image Simun Strukan
team image Tomislav Kozacinski
team image Zvonimir Tomesic
team image Tomislav Papic
team image Gordon Cindric

Talk ideas,
dream big,
build things

We gaze in the distance mid conversation when someone brings up a challenging problem. Tell us all about your problem and challenge us!